Within three months post-launch:

  • Increase product purchase intent by 5%

  • Increase aided product awareness by 8%

  • Increase aided brand awareness by 2%




Our target audience - the Dynamic Discerner

Method’s research uncovered a portion of the market that was currently being underserved. These women (yes, two thirds of all detergent buyers are women) are trendy, always looking to buy the latest styles, but are still savvy enough to recognize deals and practical enough to care for their clothes rather than continually buying new items. They wanted a non-toxic alternative that works just as well as the Tide’s and Gain’s of the world, and with unique fragrances and appealing product design. To paraphrase Madonna, “don’t go for second best, baby, put your clothes to the test.” This group of women do exactly that, every day.

We call them the Dynamic Discerner (DDs): women who care about the brands they buy, are design-driven in their product choices, and want to buy green products to keep herself and her family healthy - but won’t sacrifice performance. Specifically, DDs don’t want a wardrobe filled with expensive, dry-clean-only pieces.  They don’t want to keep their clothes down the street at the dry cleaners. They want machine-washable clothes that will look pristine long after they put them in rotation. And, they want a laundry detergent from a company that loves and admires their clothes as much as they do.


DDs are driven by aesthetics and awed by the beauty of the world around them. And, Method's laundry products are perfect for functional fashion - celebrating uniqueness through scents, vibrant colors and bold patterns.