And so was born the Style by Method campaign

Phase 1: We collaborated with ASOS, the online global fashion destination for 20-30 somethings, to curate a spring/summer collection of clothes with bright colors inspired by the Method brand. With just a few pieces from our collaboration, style icons on a budget can create a whole new wardrobe. With all pieces being machine-washable and versatile enough for a range of activities - it made for a functional fashion line exclusive to method and built for method. Specifically, we:

  • Created a digital lookbook showing off the entire ASOS collection.

  • Filmed closet tours with four style crushes from around the country. These are women who express themselves creatively both in their careers and through their fashion choices.

  • Each of the style crush videos included a message about the benefits of using method


  • A humorous quiz reminded ASOS shoppers that method is the perfect accessory for their new purchases.



This partnership established Method’s credibility in the fashion space and allowed us to maximize our budget by launching in fashion channels, avoiding the saturated cleaning product space.

Phase 2: We teamed up with Refinery29, a popular fashion, style, and beauty website, to trumpet the wardrobe via a series of articles and videos. The pioneering efforts of this branded content media partnership made Method relevant to fashionistas looking for the next big thing online and broadened the scale of the campaign beyond a single retail partner - not to mention make the brand come to life so beautifully and with great impact online.


  • One video featured a crop-top/pant combo, providing tips for ways to dress up or down an item to wear it wherever and whenever you want.

  • In another video, Joyce Carpati, the fashion icon and emissary from Advanced Style, served as the fairy godmother of fashion. She critiqued two younger women’s style while pointing out how much Method can help them.

This partnership made Method relevant to DDs looking for the next big thing online.


Phase 3: We worked alongside the team at Clever Girls Collective, a social media influencer agency reaching 75 million women every month, to share the wardrobe and promote the partnerships.

This element further established method as a bonafide voice that understands modern fashion.

These steps together convinced DDs that their wardrobes absolutely need method’s new laundry detergent, and that the lives of their favorite clothes would be extended, even improved, by using the product


A co-branded media plan was implemented across ASOS and Refinery29 properties to drive awareness and traffic to the Style By Method collection. Additionally, we ran a retargeting campaign to connect the ASOS collection with method products to ensure we were driving purchase intent. We accomplished this cross-device retargeting and DSP.